Kartue Live Cover Clips
This video contains clips of cover songs performed live by Kartune.  The goal is show the versatility of the band and song list.  
Don't Touch My Heart
"Don'tTouch My Heart" is a slow song from
'Don't Know Any Better'.
Kartune Line-ups
This is a look at the different Kartune line-ups through the years. The song is "I Do" by Kartune off the "Don't Know Any Better" CD.
Cellar Full Of Noise
This is a live studio recording from a local TV show called Cellar Full Of Noise.
The song is "In The Village" and was written about our bus trips to perform in New York City.
It is off of "Don't Know Any Better"
Telethon 1993
This was Kartune's final appearance on the Cancer Telethon to date. We only used a keyboard because they killed our mix the year before. We did 3 songs: (She Said) She Loves Me, In The Still of the Night & Early Morning Blues with just the keyboard and 5 part harmony. The original drummer, Jamie Jannazzo, was back and sang this one. Keith Meidash was the new bass player.
Telethon 1992
This is Kartune's third appearance on the Cancer Telethon. The sound and mix were pretty bad this year. The Night Came was the only song of 4 that was actually listenable. In '93 we went on with just a keyboard and 2 mics to avoid this happening again. Original members plus Dave Danishefsky on guitar and Bruce Harris on drums.
Telethon 1991
This is one of 7 songs performed live on the Cancer Telethon in February of 1991. The song is "Are You Looking" off Kartune's second release (1992). This is the original group with the exception of Joey Acri on the drums.
This is Kartune's second appearance on the Spotlight TV Show performing "A Southern Song". The original drummer is gone (due to circumstances beyond his control...) and Joey Acri took his place. He filled in for a while until a replacement could be found.
Kartune's first appearance on the Spotlight TV Show. This is the original lineup.
The song is "One & One" Fromr "Buck And A Quarter Quarterstaff"

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