The Night Came


For so many years - I never had the need to know
What to do - Where to go.
Guided by your light. Always there to show me through.
Feel the warmth - See the sky of blue.


And then the night came. I could feel the cold.
Nobody here for me to hold.
Then the night came. I could barely see.
Who took the light away from me?
'Took the light away from me?
'Don't understand. Tell me what would bring this on?
One minute it's here - The next it's gone.
I don't understand. Did I do something wrong?
Get me out of here. I don't belong. 'Don't belong.


I'm fallin'. I keep on fallin' down.
I'm fallin'. Sometimes I even make the world spin 'round.
I'm fallin'. Just keep on fallin' down.
How many times do I have to hit the ground?


1988 Bindle-Stiff Music