Stay Out Of My Dreams


Tossin' and Turnin' in the middle of the night.
I can't escape there's no relief in sight.
I try to sleep 'cause that's the only time
Your memory can't hurt me.
My dreams are the peace that I find.
I finally drift into that wondrous place.
Where I don't feel the pain don't have to face
The thought of losing you or watching you go.
But all of a sudden I see you. I miss you so...


Stay out of my dreams.
They're not for real. We can't stay there.
Soon morning will come and open my eyes.
Stay out of my dreams.
Just let me be on my own now.
I wake up it happens again; you tell me goodbye.
For just a little while it seems all right.
Like your still right beside me all through the night.
We walk together through that transient land.
Is it for real? I can swear that I feel you hand.


Deep down inside I know you'll go away.
You're disappearing at the light of the day.
I almost fool myself it just may be.
But its all pretend now. It comes to an end.


1996 Bindle-Stiff Music