I Wonder

When I'm alone I think of you
And where you are tonight.
We always said: "Let's just be friends."
But the feeling isn't right.

I can't explain this pain inside
How I feel for you.
Just give me one more chance tonight
To show my love is true.


I wonder if you know
As I lie awake at night.
I wonder if you know
That in my dreams I hold you tight.
Do you ever wonder why
The stars shine brightly in your eyes?
You don't know how hard I'd try
To keep you by my side.

I wouldn't let myself believe
But my heart always knew.
I tried so hard to find true love
It was always here with you.


How could I think it wasn't right
I was oh so wrong.
How could I be so very blind
You were right here all along!


1995 Bindle-Stiff Music