Don't Touch My Heart


Oh, such a sad story. I met someone who was perfect for me.
I was feeling fine. I figured that I'd put it all on the line.
Can't you see it won't be long? This feeling's getting strong.
She just looked at me. Something was wrong. She told me:


Don't touch my heart 'cause it breaks so easy.
Don't speak your mind. I don't want to know.
Don't hold me close. It just might please me
And I can't let it show.

Oh, what a big surprise. I felt the tears swelling in my eyes.
I could sense her pain. I asked her if she'd explain.
Can't you see it's nothing new. It's not because of you.
I asked, despairingly, 'what can I do?'. She told me:


A broken spirit with broken dreams. An endless misery.
Another victim of selfish schemes
But how to break her free?


1992 Bindle-Stiff Music