A Southern Song

(Thomas P.J. Bruno)

In a little Southern state,
In a little Southern town,
There's a little Southern girl
Feeling a little down.

She fell in love so deeply.
She fell with all her heart
But when it didn't work out
She slowly fell apart.

There's a cold, cold Nothern wind
Blowing through the South tonight
And Heaven's got to know it isn't right...
For a little girl to cry herself to sleep at night.

On a quiet little street,
In a quiet little home,
There's a quiet little girl
Thinking all alone.

She knows she should be happy,
She knows she should be OK.
She knows that she should go out
But stays home anyway.

As the darkness closes in
And the moon turns on his light
All this wondrous beauty seems in spite...
Because this little girl will cry herself to sleep tonight.

This story that I've told you
Is as true as one can be.
I know this girl so very well, you see...
Because this little girl had to fall in love with me.

1989 Bindle-Stiff Music